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Removal of excess Cheek Fat by Cheek reduction and Increase in Cheek Volume through Cheek Augmentation

Proper proportion of shape and volume of cheeks is essential to have a better facial appearance. Some people might have abnormally grown fatty, bouncy cheeks that do not match in proportion with other facial parts. Excess fat deposits on cheek can lead to an odd look. On the contrary some people might have a flat face. There might not be proper amount of volume and contour to their cheeks. This is also problematic as far as better facial appearance is concerned.

In order to gain the proper volume and contour to flat or dumpy cheeks cosmetic surgeons perform cheek augmentation. This is a cosmetic surgical procedure that adds the necessary amount of volume to cheek area by placing suitable implants.

There can be various techniques that the expert cosmetic surgeons might use to increase the volume of cheek area substantially.

  • They can implant patient’s own fat to get the desired shape of cheeks.
  • They can inject fillers in the cheek area to get a plump look.
  • They can also amend the cheek bone by adding solid implants to correct the shape of cheek bone.

As a result patients would get increased volume of cheeks that would be in a proper proportion with other facial parts. This procedure can completely change the way a person looks by allowing him/her to get fuller, plump cheeks.

For reducing the overall shape and volume of cheeks cosmetic surgeons perform cheek reduction. This procedure is clinically known as Buccal fat removal. These are fat pads that are deposited in lower areas of cheek. These fat pads create a chubby appearance of cheeks that are not in proportion with other facial parts.

Surgeons administer local anesthesia in order to numb the particular part for pain relief. They take smaller incisions inside the face usually between the gums and cheeks. This provides them required access for removal of Buccal fat pads. They skillfully apply external pressure on the cheek bone so that the excess fat deposit on lower cheek area would gradually come out through the incisions made. Finally surgeons take out the protruded fat with surgical tools and stitch the incisions.

Thus patients would have reduced cheek contours in proper proportion with other facial parts and an all new look.

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