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Lip Augmentation Surgery to Enlarge the Size of Lips by Injecting Fillers

Lips are important facial parts as they are natural enclosures to our mouth and are also important for our speech because they help us in pronouncing some sounds. Some people might have lips that are very small in size and do not match in proportion with other facial parts. Such smaller lips can spoil the aesthetic appearance of the entire face.

It is possible to increase the size of lips in terms of volume and a better contour by cosmetic surgery. Surgeons perform lip augmentation surgery to enlarge the overall size and shape of patient’s lips. Surgeons use hyaluronic dermal fillers that are derived from human body. Rather than other types of fillers these dermal fillers are extensively used for various reasons:

  • Hyaluronic dermal fillers are natural substances derived from human body
  • Due to these fillers allergic reactions are very less or almost none.
  • These dermal fillers cause very less or almost no swelling during and after the treatment.
  • Instead of injecting fillers in a single injection, surgeons can design a schedule to attain the results gradually.
  • These fillers contribute in increasing proper volume and provide sufficient density so that the increased size of lips would also look natural after the treatment.
  • These dermal fillers can also be injected around the lips on adjacent parts of mouth to get the desired harmonious contour of face after the treatment.
  • The effect of these hyaluronic dermal fillers may not be permanent. But patients can expect long lasting results than other types of dermal fillers such as collagen.
  • Lip augmentation by injecting hyaluronic dermal fillers is a safer way compared to other fillers as there would be no reactions, swelling and comparatively less downtime would be required for recovery.
  • The amount of substance to be injected can be controlled in a better way so that surgeons can have a better control on volume addition and reshaping of smaller lips.

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